Па-беларуску, калі ласка
Mission, goals, objectives of APB Birdlife Belarus

The NGO APB — Birdlife Belarus works to preserve the diversity of species and ecosystems in Belarus by raising awareness the people of to environmental protection. At the moment APB has about 3000 members, and is equipped with a secretariat located in Minsk with a permanent staff of ten as well as several project staff. We have 14 regional branches and about 15 local groups of caretakers for Important Bird Areas.

The main objectives of APB are:

  • Conservation of biological diversity;
  • Encouraging people to actively protect nature.
  • Other objectives are:
  • Study and conservation of biodiversity, especially the diversity of wild birds;
  • Identify, study, protect, and (if necessary) restore natural areas important for biodiversity, especially for wild birds;
  • Conservation of natural ecosystems;
  • Encourage people to act for the conservation of biodiversity, especially wild birds and natural areas;
  • Promote the use of renewable energy.