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Clubs and working groups

APB Club "Bird watching" — for people who work with children

The club invites teachers, heads of groups of children to obtain a complete set of training materials of media and animation training to work with children on the theme of birds.


Club200 is a voluntary association of APB members, interested in bird watching. Members must be bird watchers, who watched at least 200 species of birds on the territory of Belarus. This club helps is to have a better knowledge of bird species present in the territory of Belarus and is a complement for the international data.

Working Group on waders

The main objective of the association is the research and protection of waders. To achieve this objective, the Working Group:

  • Helps members of the APB to plan, organize and conduct research on waders and their habitats;
  • Facilitates the rapid exchange of information between members of the group;
    Contributes to the development of international relations in the field of scientific research and the protection of waders;
  • Promotes the publication of scientific articles dealing with various aspects of the biology and ecology of waders;
  • Contributes to the development of methodologies for the study of migration, population, demography and behavior of waders.

APB Working Group on birds of prey and owls

The main objective of the Working Group is the study and conservation of birds of prey and owls in Belarus. The group participates in the study of the biology and ecology of these birds, enabling the protection of species and their habitats. It also submits proposals for projects and actions aimed at the protection of bird of prey and owls. The research findings are diffuse in the country and abroad, enabling a better national and international knowledge of raptors.